My name is Jenny Rebecca, and I love being a doula. In my pursuit to become a doula, I found that I had an unquenchable thirst to learn about everything having to do with the birth process. My love, wonder, and respect for mothers and babies have made my excitement to work as birth keeper one of the clearest decisions I have made in my life. I am dedicated to being an advocate for mothers and to help them navigate all possibilities and options in their birth journey so they can be at ease and confident in their choices. I work to assure the women I work with, that their concerns and fears will be addressed without judgment. I believe mothers and babies should be treated with respect and dignity during their birth journey.

My own journey in healing and self discovery has led me to this path. Through the generosity and patience of my teachers and holistic and Indigenous medicine ways, I have been exposed to healing approaches in ceremony, somatic and metaphysical energy work. I have been a long time student of martial arts, and I am certified as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. It is incredible what our bodies are capable of if we believe it's possible. I am still learning about so many profound and subtle ways our bodies and minds interact with the world around us. I hope to take this knowledge and demystify the unknown and elevate our body's natural abilities especially when it comes to birth.

I am a birth doula CD(DONA), a certified Lactation Consultant (CLC), and a MTM postpartum doula. I am certified in infant CPR and neonatal resuscitation (NRP), and I am currently studying nursing at City Tech College. My plan is to continue my studies to become a Nurse Practitioner and a Midwife.

I live with my partner Ebon and my french bulldog Gretel under the Manhattan bridge. I love math, making epic feasts, and feeding the ones I love. Garlic is one of my favorite foods, and I can cut and eat an entire Jackfruit. I love watching British mysteries while having tea and biscuits or spending time in the jungles of South America with the bugs and plants.

The name of my doula practice “Água Doce” or “Sweet Water” comes through the Yoruban Diaspora in Brasil where the Orixa Oxum (Oshun) is celebrated as the Mother of all children and fertility. She embodies beauty and grace and is the Mother of the rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. Oxum sees children as divine perfection and takes care of them from the womb until they are independent.