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nice words from the families I've worked with


"Jenny was a beautiful and present energy on my journey to become a mother. She encouraged me with sweetness in all the difficult moments of my birth experience and also understood everything I needed with a present heart. It's not easy to find people as mindful as she is. Gentle touch and a kind gaze were one of many meaningful things she offered me at all times. My birth experience was quite long and she was there ready for everything regardless the sleepless nights. Jenny also guided my husband during this journey to make him an essential part of it. Besides that, she also knows all the tricks and movements you need to maintain your energy and strength during the magical moments of labor. After all, when she came to visit me and my son, she brought a letter for him, telling all the things that happened on his birth; wonderful gesture. My husband, my mother, my sister in law and I can't thank her enough for being part of my son's way to come to this world."

– E. Zuluaga


I’m writing to offer my wholehearted endorsement of Jenny McLaughlin. Her positive presence and contribution to our birth experience cannot be overstated. Prior to hiring Jenny, I was nervous about having “too many cooks in the kitchen” with a midwife, doula and the delivery nurse. But after meeting her, my wife and I agreed that her energy and enthusiasm could only enhance the experience. We could not have been more right. My wife labored in total for 24 hours and Jenny with us the entire time. The first 2 hours she was responsive and reassuring through phone and text, as my wife and I sussed out how much we could do on our own. When we decided it was time to call in the cavalry, she was on her way immediately and she remained through the wee hours of the next morning. Her calm, steadfast encouragement helped us through the most difficult parts of the night. Yet it was her sensitivity and respect for our sacred space that most impressed me. Jenny possesses a unique ability to create opportunities for connection as well as a deep respect for the birth process and an awareness of what needs to be done in the moment. When the water in our birthing bath was not warming out of the faucet, she began filling buckets at the sink and bringing the water to the tub herself. When I began to lost steam, sometime in the early evening, she happily popped out for coffee and food. She sought constantly to protect our birth experience and to allow us to remain wholly in the moment together. In the end, Jenny’s knowledge and perceptivity saved my wife from a Cesarean section. She listened to the recommendations from the midwife and nurse, translated those to us and offered actionable techniques we could use to help my wife deliver vaginally. She was, in short, an absolute rockstar. I highly recommend Ms. McLaughlin’s services. We are forever grateful to her for helping us to bring our healthy, happy son into this world.

T. Scales


It was such a blessing to have Jenny as my doula . I'm a first time mom  who delivered naturally at a birthing center and with that comes all the anxiety and fear of going through the process. But having Jenny as my doula made it such a smooth and joyful experience . She is very supportive and informative. She gave me great advice on coping with pregnancy symptoms and pain management , as well as preparing myself for delivery. When it came time to deliver Jenny was there instantly , she help me labor at home for a few hours and help me go through the contractions . Having her by my side made me fell reassured and that I was in good hands and comforted . As labor progressed we made it to the birthing center and Jenny help make my delivery room to be peaceful and zen with all the things that made me comfortable. It was such a humbling experience delivering my 9lb baby and with all of Jenny support and encouragement guiding me and my husband through the whole process was incredible. She knows her stuff well and she helped me push that baby out and believed in me at times I felt like giving up. I'm so thankful for her and Im glad I was able to have her as my doula . I would have her again in the future as we grow our family and I highly recommend her to people and friends.

Sincerely, The Mulet family!


Jenny was absolutely amazing during the labor and birth of my son. I felt heard and supported every time we met. When the time finally came for me to give birth, Jenny was incredibly comforting. Her willingness to care for my daughter and support my husband, in addition to caring for me, made me feel safe and like I could focus on the work of giving birth. During the last moments of my labor, Jenny brought my toddler to the side of the pool and made sure she saw her brother come into the world. I can't express how important this was to me and how grateful I was to Jenny for hearing this request so many weeks before and carrying it out even when I could not voice the request. I would recommend Jenny to anyone looking to feel truly heard and cared for as they become a mother.


To Jenny with Love,

I was 25 weeks pregnant when I walked out of Brooklyn Acupuncture Project and Jenny’s card caught my eyes. I heard about Doulas before but didn’t really know what they do. I looked into it and knowing that I wanted an intervention free birth, the help of a Doula sounded just perfect. From our first resourceful email to the birth of my child the support Jenny provided for me throughout my pregnancy is priceless. I would call or email her with questions and she would check in regularly via text. She offered guidance and encouraged me to advocate for myself and to never do anything I did not want to do.  She helped me feel safe, calm, and supported. My more than a picture perfect pregnancy changed in the 37th week when my daughter decided to turn from heads down position into breech. Trying everything possible, she decided to stay breech. Going through various emotional stages from sad to pissed to resolved that this is the position Avin feels most comfortable, Jenny’s loving and positive presence was so important. I was very skeptical first when my Gyno asked me to schedule a c-section. Doctors and hospitals are conditioned to follow a certain routine and if a little thing seems odd they decide for a c-section. Seeing that my doctor was working with me in having a natural birth and changing the c-section date (which is highly uncommon), giving me another week to work on turning her, made me trust her and agree on the due day, looking one more time at her ultrasound to make sure she hasn’t turned and she won’t turn, to a complication free c-section. I gave birth to a super healthy baby. Jenny, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an incredible passionate, resourceful, loving person and to make my c-section experience a beautiful one.

Claudia, Ross & Avin

I knew I wanted a doula who was compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive once I was 3 months pregnant. Then before I knew it, the universe brought Jenny and I together! Jenny is an amazing doula. She puts love and special care and attention into her work and it shows. Upon the arrival of my son, I was worried about having a negative birth experience at the hospital due to all the stories I heard and read online. Jenny made me feel confident, empowered, and secure my entire pregnancy. When it came time to have the baby I had a beautiful and transformative birth. I felt so calm and at ease and I have Jenny to thank for that. She not only cared for me but also made my partner feel calm and supported in his role as well. If I ever have another child, I will plan around Jenny's availability!



I had a lengthy induction + labour (42 hours!!) and Jenny was an absolute rock to me and my husband. Our family lives far away, so Jenny stepped in and provided so much support and pain management knowledge during that marathon. Then when I got home and had some medical complications, Jenny once again stepped up and was a shoulder for us during a difficult transition. She came over and cooked, gave me breastfeeding advice, emotional support and always made herself available by phone. Honestly don’t know how we could have done this without her!


Jenny coached my wife and me through the birth of our first child and I cannot emphasize enough how helpful she was to us.  Jenny met with us twice in person in the weeks leading up to the birth of our son to discuss our birth preferences, and questions and concerns, about the birthing process.  Jenny helped to educate us, distinguishing fact from rumor, giving us a much better idea of what to expect during labor.  Jenny brought calm and confident energy to our team.  My wife experienced prodromal labor, which lasted several days before delivery.  Those days were filled with questions and frustration, as we tried to understand where in the birthing process we were.  Jenny was always available to us by phone to coach us, to help us understand what was happening, and to reassure us that what we were experiencing was one version of normal, if less common, labor.  If not for Jenny, we would have gone to the hospital days before we were anywhere close to delivery.  After three days of early labor, when contractions increased in intensity and duration, Jenny came to our home at 3 am to labor with my wife.  When Jenny arrived, my wife and I had gotten very little sleep over three nights, my wife was in severe pain from the contractions, and my anxiety level was high as I scrambled to get our hospital bags together while trying to comfort my wife.  She immediately changed the energy in our apartment.  She calmly walked over to my wife and knelt beside her, putting her hand on my wife's back, and coached her to slow her breathing while applying pressure to her lower back to ease her pain. With Jenny's help, my wife was able to endure some of the most challenging stages of labor in our home. Jenny then coached us on when to leave for the hospital, and by the time we arrived my wife was 9cm dilated!  It was time to push!  Three hours later our beautiful son was born.  My wife's wish was to labor without drugs or medical interventions, if possible, and she was able to achieve her wish with Jenny's help and care.  Jenny's knowledge of, and experience with, labor and childbirth helped us to make decisions throughout the birthing process with confidence.  She contributed knowledge and experience and helped to establish a sense of calm during the most difficult challenge of my wife's life.  A few days after our son was born Jenny came to our place and once again saved the day! My wife was having some difficulties breastfeeding and was in pain. If it were not for Jenny's knowledge encompassing the breastfeeding process, we would have ended up back at the hospital. Needless to say, we highly HIGHLY recommend Jenny to anyone who is considering working with a doula during childbirth.